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Baytown Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

If you own a home in Baytown, you'll want to have homeowner insurance coverage to protect it. Those who used a mortgage to purchase their home will likely be required to purchase this coverage, as this is a common requirement for most lenders. Even if you have fully paid for your home, it is still a good idea to obtain coverage to protect you in the event of a burglary, fire or other disaster. 

Basic Homeowner Insurance Coverage 

At the very least, your policy will include coverage for your Baytown home's structure. This means that if a tree branch smashes through your roof or a fire destroys a significant portion of your home, your insurance policy will cover the costs for the repairs. Depending on your coverage, the policy may also pay for alternate accommodations while your home is being rebuilt. 

A standard homeowner insurance policy will also include liability coverage. This comes into play when someone is injured while on your Baytown property or inside your home. Your policy will pay for the person's medical care and any additional settlement they are eligible to receive. This way, they won't be able to claim your assets to cover the settlement amount. 

Additional Options to Enhance Your Coverage 

Although basic homeowner insurance provides solid coverage in most cases, it does not cover everything. Most notably, it does not cover the contents of your Baytown home, including your furniture, appliances, clothing and other belongings. You'll need to add additional coverage to allow for the replacement costs of these items. 

Items that are of high value, such as fine jewelry and artwork, will need to be insured separately. Your insurance company will likely ask you to verify the item's value, either through a bill of sale or professional appraisal before issuing this additional coverage. 

Finally, natural disasters like earthquakes and floods typically aren't covered under standard homeowner insurance policies either. Because these events are relatively common here in Baytown, you'll want to add this coverage as well to minimize the risk of losing your home entirely in a natural disaster. 

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